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Friday, December 23, 2011

Enjoying the Simple things

With my boys at Panama City Edgewater Beach, it was windy but felt great not much going on since this is off season for them, it is great to have a quite beach with just some local surfers.

 Today's workout 2miles warmup 40mins @HM pace and then 1.5miles cooldown,well didn't quite go as planned, got the mileage in but not the pace.2 issues, it was hotter than I thought even thou I carried water and also I have never really ran this much back to back road wearing the Vivo Barefoot Evo and my ankle is having to adjust to the increase road mileage, it was quite fatigue today so back off on the pace so as to get in the distance, I have about 300 miles on the EVO and it shows no wear.

After the run got in 20mins on the upright bike and then 15 mins of an athletic stretch before showering and heading to the beach.

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