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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Out at Shaker

So with my whole running partners doing Bill's Badass 50k today and knowing that the wisest thing is not to bother going there since I will end up running it, I decided to go down to Shaker Heights and run with the group from the Cleveland Running Company. There was 4 of us for the early start @ 8:30am got in 3 miles then went back to the store to pick up more people for the run that started at 9, we ended up in 3 separate group, I was in the middle group doing about a 10:30pace or faster, with the group we got in 4 miles but I turn ed around and went for an additional 3 to make it 10 for the day. Even though my schedule called for 14, I was fine with 10 since I did 11:11 yesterday and only had 4 scheduled. Got back to the store and the owner had stuff for us banana, grapes and water. There was a nutritional class after the run which I stay for, low calorie sweet potato casserole was provided, by the time I got back home I was tired and quite sleepy, took a 2 hour nap and spent the rest of the day cleaning, laundry and jewelry making.

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