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Monday, October 17, 2011

With the new training plan so far I have only been schedule to do 3 miles on Monday and after a busy weekend with the temptation to sleep in knowing all I have to do is only 3 miles I have been having no problem getting up even when I hit snooze I can still get in my workout.
The goal for the 3 miler has been to maintain a pace while keeping the heart rate between zone 1 and 2, so far it is working I am having to push to maintain the pace but I am steadily watch the heart rate hold even when I have to increase the pace to get the average to be where it is suppose to be.

Felt great this morning when I woke even though it was a very busy weekend and recovery from the Saturday trail run has been great, after running this morning was able to get in Muscle Definition workout 2 from Kelly Coffey Meyer 30 mins DVD, straight to the point boy does she likes shoulders and triceps.

Nutrition still stinks since I can't stop eating but at least it is a lot of fruit, love the apple season, picked up some Empire and Fiji apples for the week, so easy to take and go.

Still not sure what I want to do for the rest of the season, seems to be just as much fun run/clinic over the weekend as races, cost of races just seems to keep going up and house appliances keeps breaking currently dryer is on it's last leg, taking forever to dry clothes. ahh

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