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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bills' Badass Training Run

Beautiful day today for a trail run even though the trail was still quite muddy, the weather turned out great. Even though I am not running Bills' Badass 50k I still love doing the training run, just something about having to cross the 4 streams 6 times just do not appeal to me.
Got to Everett Bridge @ 8am to run with the Bills group for 1 loop clockwise (5 miles-4 water crossing and muddy fun) got back to the parking lot then switch to the Grunt Girl Hill Training Clinic for 3 miles on the Furnace run trail then the Grunt Girls decided to do 1 loop of the BBA loop counter clockwise. I did change my socks in between loops just soak but it was a great day for a trail run. The leaves are almost all turned with lots covering the trail. It was really great seeing lots of people I haven't seen or ran with in a while.
Got back home did Bob Harper's Butt & Balance (20mins ) and Deep hip opening yoga from Yoga Journal for 28mins, nice warm shower and then read some books and magazine off my HP Touchpad.

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Anonymous said...

With a name like "Bill's Badass Training Run" you should get a medal!

I am thinking of doing a pasta dinner right before Houston. I'll announce in my blog!