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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trail Challenge

After running 11 miles with Wild Bill and his group 2 weeks and finding that I may be able to keep pace with them much easier than some other group I have ran with in the past so I decided to join them today for their 22miler. The problem was I haven't ran more than 13 miles on trail in a while so 22 miles will be a stretch.

Waking up to howling wind and cold temperature, wasn't sure I had made the right decision but I know without the commitment to a group I properly won't have run today or ended up on the treadmill. Got to the meetup site at 7:45am and as people started showing up realized some of the fast runners where also here but oh well, We took off from the ledges heading to Everett Covered bridge via Wetmore which is the course for the Run with Scissors Marathon. It was windy and the trail was wet and muddy, but I got a change to run with some awesome people including Melissa who ran an 100 miler last weekend and came in second, boy was she fast even on tired she did stop at 12miles with 3 others and it was so tempting to go back with them but I resisted and carried on with the group. Not sure which was worse the wind in some sections or mud.

Stay with the group most of the run until we got back to Pine Hollow and I just let them since they are running the race and trying to finish with a kick and I was just out for some fun, cut the course short at the Ledges by going right instead of left, so got in 20.71 miles instead and that was just fine with me.

Ran into a group of girls not sure what they were out for but they were wondering what we gave been doing to be so muddy, told them out for some fun. Grab a subway on my way home since I was starving, took a nice soak in the tub, warm not cold was too cold for that. Really great run.

Reacting to the wind that just blew straight at me, guess it most have just been me, great group of people to run with.

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