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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recap since Akron

After Akron, took 1 week off to give the shin a chance to heal and also recover, this was total rest no cross training, yoga or strength just eat and sleep which was a lot harder to do that expected. Major race coming up next is the Houston Marathon in January, when I signed up I also purchased a training plan just to try something new, the plan is put together by Focus n fly, the training is based on Jack Daniel's book, so I like it.

My body is not 100%, hasn't been for over a year now due to pain in my left butt chin, MRI shows nothing just seems like I have a muscle stuck there that will not release despite all I do, point of attack right now is daily yoga, heat continuously at work, foam rolling and buying every single Groupon Massage that comes up with the goal of scheduling a weekly massage, with the goal of working out the kinks.

Still struggling with nutrition, just love food no matter how I look at it, I do  not eat junk but eat good food in excess and I love to cook so that is not helping, need to drop a good 10 pounds just where I feel comfortable but oh well will keep working on that.

Not sure what I want the plan for next year to be, short races to get faster or long ones just for the fun of it, keep going back and forth but did decide am only doing the half in Cleveland since I have never done it. I joined the Grunt Girl racing group since I like there philosophy and I have enjoyed running with the group through the summer.

Will probably be trying to do most of my long run on the trail just to give my body a break, speed work on the treadmill and easy run of possible on the road if not treadmill, still looking for a bike and trainer to use for the winter, this will give me a chance to use my collection of Spinervals I guess I can use my spin bike but I seem to have worn out the resistance control and having a hard time finding a replacement  since my model is longer in production and the models made after mine (this was the first design) had a different design.

Strength wise will be trying to get back into kettlebell and short total body workout, the goal will be to also add in a challenging lower body workout after the Thursday speed workout like today did Bob Harper Body Rev Cardio: Butt and Balance, he had me at butt.

Really looking forward to what I can accomplish the next couple of months and I think even my husband is finally get the idea that I really do want to run because I enjoy it.

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