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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mixed Intervals

Great workout this morning , it still surprise me how much I have to mentally prepare to do this intervals, the first thing that always come to mind is I cannot hold that pace for that long but I remember the wonder post by the incredible Beth and I decided to change the can't around. Wow what a difference a positive mind set makes, my head was in the game so my legs followed along.

1 mile @ recovery pace
3k @ HM pace/2 mins recovery
2k @ 10k pace/2 mins recovery
1k@ 5k pace/2mins recovery
800 meters @ 3k pace
1 mile @ Recovery pace

It is amazing how fast 2 mins goes by.

Still need to work on nutrition, still my biggest struggle

Cathe STS Meso1 Week 1 Disc 3 - Legs 53mins

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