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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Xterra Girdled Rd 10k

I went into this race with very heavy legs, somehow on my training schedule I did the training needed for the week of 8/8 instead of the cut back week of 8/1 and also wasn’t fully recovered from the rolling hills of my 7.5 mile race but I still went into this race with the intention of pushing the pace.

Even though this is a trail race it is not my kind of trail race, you have really flat sections with very small crushed limestone then you slam into ridiculous uphill and downhill so you run the flats ridiculously flat and then you die on the climb.

I was running late getting there somehow I left the house later than I would have liked but still plenty of time to get bib, use restroom and drank up my FRS low cal wild berry (this is fast becoming my favorite thing to drink before a race), say hi to the usual group and headed up to the start line. Smaller group than usual and we started promptly after a few words from the race director.

I went out fast but quickly realize this wasn’t a pace I was going to keep up but held on to it as long as I could then backed off just didn’t want to get injured. Started running into the lead pack on their way back around mile 2.5 then realized I was 4th  female, so I tried my best to hold on to it but got pass at mile 5.5 by another female, if I was fighting for 3rd I may have put some effort into it but for 4th I was just too tired. So I ended up 5th female but still first in my age group which was fine by me.

Time: 1:04:17 (10:43 pace)
Age Group: 1/8 (40-49)
Female: 5/21
Overall: 34/66

For coming 1st in my age group I got to pick a sock from the sock bin, picked

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