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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Xterra Mohican 19k Race

Wasn't sure I was going to do this race but in the end very glad I did, very beautiful course even though it is very hilly I had a blast.

Woke up at 5am, got dressed and took care of business, unfortunately my stomach wasn't cooperating I guess it was a bad idea to combine African food and pizza last night, all I could stomach was Pepto bismol so I made my peanut butter sandwich to go and left the house by 5:45am. It took about 1hour 45 mins due to a missed turn but got with plenty of time to get things done, saw only Elizabeth from Indianapolis before the race start then finally saw Lee and Gabe at the start.

The race director talked about the course marking which worked out really well, yellow flag should be on your right if going in the right direction, didn't get lost at all even though this was my first time on this trail.
We were off promptly at 8am, went through the parking lot and some grassy section to get to the woods which was mostly single file so it was important to get ahead. The first hill was incredible, you really couldn't stand straight without fear of falling backwards

and just when you thought you were done climbing there was another hill

and another one
 and another one

We ran by the covered bridge
Went over the love log there was no way I was going under, was too afraid I won't be able to get up.
I didn't really fall during this race which was a surprise but stepped on a branch wrong at mile 3 and did some thing to my left ankle then at mile 6 tripped on a branch was able to catch my self but pulled my right calf I stopped a bit to knee the knot out and decided it was going to be too painful and will take too long to walk so I resume running after walking for about a minute the pain didn't get any worse so I was fine.

This was a very hilly course and my game plan was just to come off the hill running because if I die after every hill I wasn't going to make the time goal of running under 2:30, the plan worked perfectly and that was the only reason why I was able to finish as planned. Weather was perfect for this race, the trail was quite over grown especially the section by the river, talking about the section by the river, the trail was so narrow and technical I was just praying not to fall in.

I passes one guy with less than a quarter mile to go and he wasn't very happy, and I finished ahead of my 3 guys that have been chasing me through out the series.


Laurie said...

Those hills look amazingly steep!

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Great pictures, looks like a good challenge and a fun time.

Keri said...

Nice race! Look at that killer elevation!!!