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Friday, July 8, 2011

Next race

Tomorrow is the next race is the xterra series, when I signed up for this series it was with the mind set that I wasn't going to go to this one due to distance and degree of difficulty. Right now I am going to be driving almost 2 hours to run for 2 plus hours on a very nasty hilly course and drive 2 hours back but I really do not have a reason not to do it.

Yesterday, after I posted on my blog it occurred to me that I may be getting sick, since my sister-in-law was sick before we got there I must have picked up what ever she had so pulling out my trusty Emergen C

I went on a regiment of a packet every 2 hours for a total of 3 packets before going to bed, woke up this morning feeling much better and got in a quick 5k skipped the strength workout, since I haven't done any all week just felt it wasn't a good time to start.

Need to get to bed early since I have to be out of the house by 5:30am to get to the location without having to panic or stress, I will properly take my time coming back and also pack the compression sock to speed recovery.

I have been using Gatorade G Series Recover 03 after races and I have to say I am pretty impressive, since all my races are inserted into my training plan bouncing back to continue training has been very important and this since be doing the trick, also using after hard runs. They are on the expensive as much as $2.49 when not found on sale but really well worth it and still cheaper than most speciality coffee.

They now have the G series Fit which I haven't tried yet not sure the different between the 2 actually 3 since there is also a Pro version but Motion Traxx my favorite running companion has a couple of workout mixes for them with some of my favorite fitness instructors check it out here a great way to add more to your routine for cross training.

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