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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Back

After spending the long holiday weekend in Chicago with my inlaws and the rest of my husband's clan that came in for my sister-laws 50th birthday as far away as Nigeria, I only ran Saturday (10 miler) but then felt like I was missing too much by going to bed early in order to be able to wake up early to get my run in before the day started, so I ended up not running Sunday and Monday but did a lot of dancing and walking around.
Got back home Monday night and when Tuesday morning rolled around I was extremely fatigue so gave myself another day off but with an 11 miler trail race with ridiculous hill coming up on Saturday, I know I needed to get my mojo back fast, Wednesday I managed 2 miles before calling it a day just wasn't into it, but again I had a vision of the big a$$ hill at Mohican really need my mojo back.
Today with Motion Traxx The Climb level 1 I had a goal of running a 10k regardless how slow I go, run, walk just get it done, well survived, my fatigue is really not in my legs just a total body feeling so not sure what is really going on. Mojo still not back but at least it is attempting to.

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