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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lesson Learned

During my race yesterday, I realized a very important thing during all my training runs, I do my Dynamic Flexibility from Matt Fitzgerald Brain Training for Runners book, then slowly come up to speed basically recovery pace to base pace but when I race I do the dynamic flexibility then go all out hardly do I do warmup miles just too busy chatting, waiting in line ..... so the first mile when I race is my warmup mile, which sucks when it is a fast short distance, by the time my body warmup the race is over.

So the deal is to change the way I train, I need to train the way I race which is Dynamic Flexibility or race the way I train. This morning I tried something out, did my flexibility, then got on the treadmill starting at base pace and then cover the treadmill the idea is to run with my heart rate around 145bpm, so increase or decrease speed base on heart rate, at the end ran 7 miles at a 9:03 pace

Got my email today confirming my entry into the Houston Marathon, based on that I am not going to do Columbus this year so as to save for Houston.

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