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Monday, June 27, 2011

Xterra Chapin Forest 8K

Since I was only 30 mins from the race location and it was a late start at 8am, I actually slept in getting out of bed at 6:45am. Got up got ready and had a slice of the vegan multi grain bread I bought from the blackbird bakery in Bainbridge Island Washington, with some peanut butter. Got my stuff and headed out the door a little after 7, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for this race, know it has hills but quite a bit more flats and on crushed limestone gravels (not my favorite) and this was my highest training week since going into taper for the Cleveland Marathon so I was going to be running on tired legs from biking, running and strength training.

Since this was a series, the usual series group where there so chatted for a bit before going to the rest room, real rest room nice and clean, took a gu packet with 15 mins to go just because I didn’t have any coffee too lazy to make it. The race just like all the rest started promptly at 8am and we were off, the first half a mile was wet and muddy actually like that then we got on the gravel path and that just went on and on, so I really had to race like I was on the road since there was no obstacle, so I ran 8+ pace for the 2nd mile, yep you know what that means ones the hills and trail came my legs where thrashed but I had a pep talk with myself and just kept on going it’s amazing how powerful the mind is. We got to the half way point which had the aid station and they had only water this was a surprise they normally have Gatorade and it didn’t make sense that they had Gatorade at the finish, didn’t stop since I had my Nathan hydration pack with me.

With this being the 3rd race, you probably have an idea who runs about your speed, E blow by me by mile 2 and I could catch finish about 2 mins ahead of me and K well we played cat and mouse through the race, he is faster than me but I did beat him at the last race so I guess this was his turn the only thing was I really wanted him to work for it, it wasn’t going to be an easy victory and worked he did, he finally caught up with me again at the final qtr to the finish, could I have surge yes but my legs were really tired and not really necessary he was a guy so cannot affect my overall standing, the person I should have chased down was E, she came in 3rd for our age group and I was 4th. I was still very happy with my performance based on my heavy training schedule and the fact I am not really tapering for this races just adding them to the schedule and making up the missing long miles earlier in the week before a race.
Finish chatted a bit, got banana, granola bar and got in the car heading home so I can join the family for chucrh, got back home in time to change and get ready for church (only 5 mins away). The Xterra races have really been top notch so far starts on time with plenty to eat and they wait patiently for everyone to come in. Am still debating about the next one just because there is conflicting details on how far it is, I need to confirm an address and then make a decision.

Official Time 49:03 -9:49 Pace
Overall 62/98
Age Group (40-49) 5/16

Hilly sections but not very technical, so the hill are quite runnable except for 2 steep/long ones. the course according to my garmin was short but that could also be because there was a section where we zizzag quite a bit.

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