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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

So back in Ohio after complaining about all the constant rain only to find rain here too, this has been one of the wettest spring and summer, we are yet to turn the sprinkler on (no complain about that).
After pushing my body yesterday with the late night bootcamp from Motion Traxx done for Gatorade I wasn't sure what to expect but I woke up fine, stretch, foam rolled and got to bed early so I guess it helped.

I got in 3 miles this morning before doing Supreme 90 Back and Biceps, I decided not to take the bus to work todaydue to all the rain in the forecast and they were right and it was also cold at only 64 degrees. Strange weather, yesterday I wanted the air conditioner On today it was the heater that was how drastic teh weather was.

After work, went over to Sand Run Park to meet The Ohio Runner's Network members for our first challenge run, ran Mingo trail with Shelby, it was so great to run with her since I don't get to see her too often. During the run it poured, even though it rained all day it had been just a drizzle but 20 mins into being out there it poured and we were soaked head to toe. Skipped going to the Cheesesteak place was just tired and cold.

Next Xterra race is this Sunday, hilly 5 miles so should be interesting.