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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not enough time

There is just not enough time in the day for all I want to do, and it doesn't help with each hobby or life taking so much time. I haven't done any strength training this week and still have yet to do a pilate or yoga routine this month because I am not getting to bed early because I have to finish a scapbook album for my niece which I will be seeing next weekend and also  beaded necklaces for my inlaws and my self for a function also next weekend. The only time I have to work on the album and necklaces is after dinner, I always try to stop around 9pm but this is hard when I am in the middle of a page or putting a necklace together and in most cases I just always lose track of time. Need to find short 5 mins routine for pilates and strength training (probably go back to crossfit workout of the day this or this )

Today woke up 1 hour later than I was suppose to since I still consider sleeping a priority and was only a ble to get in a 4 mile run, no strength or yoga or pilates, if nothing after of the ordinary happen today maybe I will be able to squeeze in something after work before dinner.

So after 2 races, I am currently in first place for my age group for the Xterra Trail run Ohio Series, the third race is coming up this Sunday, I really enjoy doing the series since I am running trails I normally would not have gone to and meeting lots of new interesting people.


Kovas said...

The curse of too many options - congrats on leading the series!

ATTrio said...

I feel ya! I feel like I can never get to bed when I want to because I have too much going on. Which leads to me sleeping in. Hopefully we can both get the rest we need and get up in the wee hours soon :)