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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xterra Hampton Hills 10k



I have done this trail once with the Crooked River Running Group and know how hilly and challenging it is, with my limited trail the last past week wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my body, it was either going to response or  blow up. Either way I wa going to finish.

Got to the race site by 7:30pm, picked up my race packet and mingle with some friends. Drank my Gatorade prime @ 7:45, had a slice of toast and peanut butter before leaving the house. I took one of my 4oz Nathan fuel bottle with me and a gu, then decided I was going to take Gatorade at the water stop.

Pain at the left hip when I started but it loosen up but mile 1, I decided to just run my race since I was testing the limit of my body with limited training. For this race we are doing Adam Run twice.

I always get a kick out of runners, I notice that guys have a problem with me passing them they tend to hug the trail making it hard to pass and once you pass they surge to over take you, I just eventually pass and maintain my pace ignoring what they are doing since I know they get tired soon enough. For the women the strategy is different they try to talk to you so as to keep you in pace with them I talk but keep moving.

The race as usual start off on time, well organize, love the down hill finish, usual spread at the end.

At the 5k point, I was at 33+mins, I went in think I could do this in about 1 hour but I know that was aggressive on my part based on limited training, so hoping I don’t blowup too much on the 2nd loop I reset the goal for about 1:10.At about mile 4.5, I realized if I could really push on the flats I could come in around 1:06, after taking some Gatorade at 4.7 I took off, what was the worst that could happen, blowup but as usual I was fine. I have to work on my fear of blowing up which makes me run very conservative. Great trail


Some pictures and info of the trail are here

Official time: 1:06:17 (just seconds off my current 10k trail PR)

Pace: 10:41

Age Group (40-49): 5/12

Overall: 50/75

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