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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Xterra Vulture Knob 15k



This was the most technical trail I have ever been on, I was so concern about staying up straight I wasn’t looking at the mileage. The course was very muddy due to al the rain and the bugs were out in full force.

The above tee is not the official one, the official one is black they were out of my size gave me an option to have it mail or take another color from last season when with last season since this year’s was black and all my bottoms are black or dark color.

Really amaze on how people ride this trail there is so many twists and turns that you are not really sure if some on is ahead or behind. The trail was hard to run since it is a single bike track so footing was tricky and there was so much water/puddle crossing my show and sock was complete soak by 0.3 miles into the race.


Driving to the race location was like going to the middle of no where, to find the location you have to look for the vulture pointing the way.

Decided to use the restroom before picking up my tee and I had my choice of potta potty or outhouse, oh where running have taken me.


After using the outhouse decided that if I had to go again I was heading to the woods, headed over to the start to pickup my tee.


Check out some of the pictures of the trail from this site , also here is the official website for Vulture Knob.

When done I was complete muddy but glad I was able to stay upright, great organization and fun.





Official Result

Time: 2:03:00

Pace 12:57

Age Group(40-49): 10/16

Overall: 75/108

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Laurie said...

Here are my favorite things about this recap: The choice of bathrooms. Not really much of a choice, is it?
Also the course map -- it looks like a giant maze!
Looks like a fun and rewarding race.