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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Race Picture

It's amazing how when doing a race I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to pickup running and sign up for races but since the end of the race all I have wondered about is which marathon do I want to do next and which training program to use.

Why are race pictures so expensive, I'll think they will do more business if the price is more reasonable, as much as I like this picture, I am not willing to pay $17.99 for 1-5x7 picture.

5k run on the treadmill today, legs feel okay, left shin and right upper thigh feels better actually didn't notice them doing the run, just general soreness and slight twinge on left knee.

 Bike to and from work today, no rain actually saw the sun, was going to go to a running store Diva night but decided to mow the lawn instead since it looked like a mini jungle and DH is still out of the country. This was my first time using the riding mower had to figure out what all the knobs and switches meant, got stuck in the back lawn once, it was very wet and eroded also a downhill, had to lift up and move the mower am sure my neighbors were wondering what the hell I was doing.


Laurie said...

You look hardcore in your picture!
Also yeah, I hate that race photos cost a zillion dollars. I never buy them because of the cost.

ATTrio said...

Nice Picture! I would never pay for those crazy pictures either. I would really like to know who does! Also, I feel the exact same way. When I am in the middle of training for something I curse at myself, I get tired and wonder what the hell I am doing and then I cross the finish line and bust out my runners world magazine and search for the big race. It must be an is good to know there are others =)