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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is probably the best I have ever been after a race, not sure if it was because I didn't race it hard or I did everything right after the race. I was basically back to 100% by Monday morning except for the pain in my left shin and right groin, I took Monday off from work to clean my house since my mum is coming for a visit this weekend and staying for a while, also complete rest day.

Today  - did Supreme 90 Total Body, walked the 2.25 miles from the Transit center to work since I left my bike at work and got a ride to the transit center on Friday due to heavy rain, and then bike the 2.25 miles back to the transit center after work. Noticeable pain the bottom of my left shin and then my right upper quad not really my groin.  Not going to start back running until Thursday just to keep the tender areas shin and top of Quad time to completely heal.

Oh and yes it really hasn't stop raining

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