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Monday, June 13, 2011

In Seattle, well

AActually am in Bothell, WA, got up this morning at around 6:30 it was so nice to sleep in and the weather didn't disappoint, nice light drizzle with occasional downpour lasting seconds. I had 2 cups of apple juice from the hotel before leaving, I wasn't quite sure where I was going but noticed yesterday while driving around that the area does have side walks so I should be able to get my miles in.

Last night, I put my training program together for the Akron Marathon, I find I do better when I have the program written down on my calendar, with each day assigned instead of just following the program from a book since I always find it okay to skip since it is not assigned a day.

I had 7 miles on schedule today, my son asked if I was going to run the hill which I said No but did end up running it, kind of the way he said it implied I couldn't do it so I went for it. Plan on doing hill repeats on it on Wednesday, I think my mojo is back. I use itread 30 outdoors and a random 60 mins  itread that came on.

Great run, got back to the hotel had some breakfast, banana, apple, oatmeal and yogurt, love staying at Springhill Suites with the free breakfast.

Later in the evening,

10 Pushups
20 Situps
30 Squats  repeat 3x

Oh found out there is a Brooks outlet 5 mins from here so heading there later today.

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