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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8x400 - Bothell, WA

After a day of walking around downtown Seattle, I woke up this morning to get my speed work in, tired but felt fine so dressed up stopped downstairs drank 2 cups of apple juice and too one FRS energy chew.

The plan

1.5 miles @ Recovery pace (11:10 - 10:40)
8x400@3k pace (1:54 - 1:48) /3mins @Recovery Pace (11:10 - 10:40)
1.5 miles @ Recovery Pace (11:10 - 10:40)

how it worked out
1.5 miles @ 10:25
1 -2:07
2 -2:05
3 -2:09
4 -2:04
5 -2:10
6 -2:08
7 -2:05
8 -2:06
1.5 miles @ 10:40

As you can see I did not hit the 3k pace, this is where I want to be (4:00:00 marathon) where I am right now (4:22:03), not sure when I'll get there, this year next year, in five years, I'll continue to work at it although my 400m using the Jack Daniel's VDOT formula says my 400m threshold pace is 2:10 so maybe I didn't do too bad after all but I'll continue to work at it. Use Motion Traxx Mean Streak

The trip to the Brooks outlet was disappointing, maybe it is just me but when I go to an outlet store I expect ridiculous deals not just slight reduction or price I can find at TJMaxx.

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Tricia said...

I feel the same way about outlets. Ive been to a few lately and left empty handed. I want a DEAL :)