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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Going with life

Still in Bothell, WA the weather is finally growing on me actually the last 2 days has been great, Wednesday was an easy 3 miles and cross train, I got the 3 miles in and headed to the hotel gym to use the elliptical to do IClimb Surprise, this is one of my favorite from Keith love the surprise body weight workout since there is no free weight in the gym for the last surprise I did forearms to palms bridge/bicycle. Day downtown & Outlet mall, nothing to buy.

Thursday was my birthday and I had a great workout plan, got dress and was ready to go but getting outside with every step I was having severe pain in my mid back, went for about 0.4 miles before deciding the pain was too much and I wasn't enjoying the run. Went back to the hotel room, under normal circumstance I will bring out the foam roller and tennis ball to work out the kinks but I had none the best I had was an apple and it actually worked great didn't get crushed just brushed. Had spasm all day long but not as bad as early in the morning. The day at the lock & Belluve.

Today, I was much better but still slight pain just not as bad as yesterday so decided to go for an early run and see how things go, first mile was hard but the pain got better as the time went by so kept on running, got in 7 miles before heading back to the hotel, I did not carry water and forgot to put money in my pouch and the water fountain at the field was turned off. Did some nice hill repeats.

My observation so far about athletes(runners, walkers or cyclist) in this area, they don't smile much just about everyone avoid eye contact and hardly reply when greeted, it almost like their workout is a chore and they are trying to get it over as soon as possible. There is a beautiful trail in this technology/business area and I have ran different times of the day just to interact with other people but people hardly come out to use it which is a big shame, only seen 1 group of 4 at lunch time, lots of cyclist in the am and hardly anybody after work.

Almost time to head back home to reality, just realize haven't been on the treadmill all week, need new shoes but not sure what I want to get, been running in Newtons outdoor and Adidas indoors and trail

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