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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Adventure

With the continue increase in gas price, I bought my monthly bus pass yesterday and started taking the bus, so this means no dilly dally in the morning, I had to get up, get my workout in, shower and get ready. Getting to work which is 32 miles one way and cost me over $300 last month, now involve driving to the next neighboring city, parking, getting on the bus, napping, reading or listen to podcast while the bus takes me downtown, get off bus and walk 1.5 miles to work. The walking part has been the problem all along, don't mind the walk but not the best neighborhood, there is a connecting  bus but I do not see myself waiting around for 30mins for it when I will be almost at work already. Getting back to the terminal, my coworkers have been dropping me off not the best of options either, right now I am thinking of taking my bike and locking it in front of the terminal and can ride back and front, on the sidewalk off cause, don't think I can handle road biking yet.

Yesterday I was being lazy so only go in 20 mins of spinning.

7 miles using Itread 24 run intervals
Supreme 90 tabata inferno
Supreme 90 stretch

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