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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Race Day Plan

Well, tomorrow I'll be running my 3rd 50k race and probably the first I have truly trained for, I combined a marathon training program and a 50k program to build speed and endurance, double long run over the weekend and a medium run during the week. So far for the year I have ran over 400miles considering the fact that I had to push to get to 1000 miles last year. I have walked on fueling, speed walking, uphill walking and downhill running, I have trained as hard as I can to the best of my abilities but as always there is always room for improvement.

Since I am not running the same trail, am going in to see what I can do on this trail, I know I have to be careful at the start not to go out too fast since we are on the flat cross country trail, but speed through Boston run and pine grove to make up some time since Salt Run with all the hills is going to be hard and going to require some walking, limit time at aid station but remember to say thanks. Only stop at my car if absolutely necessary, didn't have a drop bag at the last 2 so keep moving. This is a double loop course, so if my nutrition is right on I plan on running the 2nd loop faster than the first, well as fast as my body will allow but it really is going to be hard not to stop when all the 25k racers stop.

The goal for this race is to break 8 hours both previous 50ks have been about 8:08, the trail should be dry and runnable, so I can't wait to see what I can do both training runs have been in snow covered trails. had to break out the tights though, since the temp is going to be mid 20 with a high of 30, last weekend was in the 50s but rain so I'll take cold and dry.

So race goal:
A: 6:30
B: Break 7 hours
C: Break 8 hours
D: Just finish before the 9 hrs cutoff if anything hurts.

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