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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Come on...

We've been having good weather, ignoring all the rain and flooding the temp was in the 40s, the last couple of days and I finally found people that were willing to run my 24 miler with me today but I woke up to this

I really don't mind the snow, I mean I live in Ohio for goodness, but this is enough, last week for the first time since January that I saw grass in my yard and anything resembling blue sky. Since I was tired of running and driving in the snow, I worked from home today and then decided to do my 24 miler on the treadmill, just couldn't handle another snowy run and I may probably do tomorrow's run on the treadmill too.

But in light of what is happening in Japan, I guess the snow is not too bad, my thoughts and prayers are we them.

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