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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motion Traxx

I love to run with music but don't necessary listen to the music just the beat, and I enjoy having the right bpm when I run. Even though I have a large collection of music am not quite sure they are suited for running especially since in most cases when they come on I think of dancing. Most of my current running music belongs to my son, while they have the right beat and it's a good thing I don't listen to the words.

A while back I found Motion Traxx on itune, workout out music put together by DJ Deekron

What is not to like, it free and already set to the right bpm, occasionally you also get the Fitness Magazine workout special and there is even a special 30-30 run walk interval Jeff Galloway, so what you waiting for.

Today's workout from the workout club was cardio HITT (30 secs on 1 min off)x10 and Abs

What I did today.

5.5miles at base pace then 30 secs at 8mph 60 secs at 5.8 -6.0mph repeat 10X, cool down at base pace. Think of the HITT as stride out or 100 meter dash at the end of a training run, the extra kick am going to need to come in strong.
Ended up at 7.26 miles, now you see why I don't mind my treadmill, for this run I use the new Motion Traxx Tribal 5K, absolutely love it, give it a try and listen to the beat of the drums.

The instruction was to go to failure then move to the next exercise am too anal for that, so did 1 min each and note when I went to failure(rest) before getting to the 1min mark. Repeat 3x
Crunches -ok
Straight Leg Raises (need serious work, barely getting to 20 secs before rest)
Cross Crunches - need some work, failure at 45sec
Plank - ok

Sun Salutation A, don't forget this has the slow plank to pushup to cobra, so seriously working my arms - 5x

Today's Card Straight Leg Seated Twist (Parivrtta Marichyasana)

Thinking of signing up for my 3rd 50k in March, will be nice to see if I can shave some time off my current PR, but not really sure about the weather.

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

I haven't run with music in quite a while, but should probably try it again occasionally.