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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Workout Club with Peter Carvell

I have been hanging with Peter now for about a year, although I still don't have a 6 pack but that is no fault of Peter, but with a offer of the Workout Club I couldn't pass it up since I love his workout routine, they are normally short and to the point and I believe will complement running quite nicely. The intention is to be a day behind so I always know what to do the day before so I got today's workout yesterday and this is absolutely free, so maybe I may achieve that 6 pack abs this year after all.

Below is the email for today's workout

Full Body Dumbbell Workout
Click here to see a video of today's workout ( Note: We are not going to do the ab exercises at the end and the workout structure will be different so look at the structure at the bottom of the workouts ):
·         Exercises in this workout
·         Bent Over Row ( Back )
·         Dumbbell Bicep Curls ( Bicep )
·         Exercise Ball Dumbbell Press ( Chest )
·         Triceps Kick Back ( Triceps )
·         Plie Squat ( Quads )
·         Dumbbell Shoulder Press ( Shoulders )
·         Straight Legg Dead lift ( Hamstrings )
Workout Structure
·         You will do 8 exercises, one for each body group.
·         Do 4 sets of 12 reps of each exercise.
·         Do all 4 sets of one exercise before moving on to next exercises.
·         Rest 30 seconds between sets and 1 minute between exercises.
Cool Down
·         Today I want you to do a nice stretching session for around 5 to 10 minutes.
Tip of the Day
·         Make sure your dumbbells are heavy enough so that you can only do 12 reps. If you can do 20 reps for example this workout won't be effective.
And that is it for today! Tomorrow you are going to do Cardio and Abs!
Have a great workout and leave a comment below on how it went!
Your Trainer and Coach
Peter Carvell Health Disclaimer: Due to the physical nature of the exercise regimes contained in the following presentation, it is highly recommended that anybody considering any exercise regime or diet plan consult a Doctor or physician before embarking on any workout, training or eating plan.

What I did today

50 Jumping Jacks
1 min Jump rope 
100 high knees
Kettle Bell Swig 16kg - 25 per hand
50 Prisoner's Squat

Workout  (4x12)
DB Biceps Curl  15/15/20/20
Exercise Ball DB Press 20/25/25/25
Triceps Kick Back 12/ 12/15/15/20* failure at 11 for 20#
Plie Squat 20/25/25/25 use bigger KB
DB Shoulder Press 12/12/12/12
Straight Leg Deadlift 25/25/25/25

1 min jump rope
50 hand to hand kettlebell swing-16kg

Sun Salutation A 5 round 
Three legged tabletop ( Ardha Purvottanasa)
picture from here
but instead of both feet on the ground ,one feet is off the ground and across the other knee, so your left ankle is on your right knee, repeat on other side.

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