Miles to Health

Monday, January 31, 2011

Finish Right

Well after the 6 miler in the snow not sure what condition my legs where going to be, but they felt great this morning and I continued on the schedule run. I did realize that the run in the snow did work a different part of my leg so probably need to do it more often, well I guess I may get to do it again at my race on Saturday weather permiting.

Today's Workout
1 mile warmup @ recovery pace
3x200@1 mile pace 600 recovery
1x800 @ 3k pace 600 recovery
2x100 All out , 600 recovery
1 mile cool down @ base pace

5.23 miles

Barry's Bootcam Mission Specialist Upper Body Advanced - 12 mins, I slept in today so had to do a shorter UB worker but this is one of my favorite, hits every part of the UB.

Sun Salutation A-5 rounds with 3 breath of pigeon on each side.

Listen to Motion Traxx Tribal Dive during the run, I really like the drum beat in this music really get you to wat to move faster.

All in all a great way to finish out the month of April, bring on the snow and ice storm.


Jamoosh said...

Isn't running in the snow just like icing your feet? Seriously, it's like two birds, one stone. Run and ice at the same time!

Mike Russell said...

According to Fitzgerald, any type of running that is different from what you normally do is good for your legs because it targets different muscle groups. Snow running fits this bill just right!