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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feet Fleet Fun Run

On schedule for this weekend was 15 miles on Saturday and 6 on Sunday, the intention for the Saturday was to join the NERC Saturday group but it was snowing when I woke up to go and my husband had a problem with me going out their so I gave in and just did the run on my treadmill since I wasn't going to do the 1 mile loop around my house like he suggested just wasn't in the mood for that. The treadmill run actually turned out great, did 10 miles base pace and then using Runerval 1.0 Easy interval with the Clydesdale, I finish off the last 5 miles repeating intervals 1 & 2, so the last 5 miles was much faster than the first 10.

Since I didn't get a chance to run with NERC on Saturday, I decided to join the Feet Fleet group for a 6 mile fun run at the Station Bridge towpath, it was actually quite fun, you get to go 1 mile out in 3 different directions to a shoebox to pickup a strip of paper with words on it, 2 was on trail with packed snow and 1 was on the road. The weather was great, no wind with temps at 29 degrees, I was able to meet up Shelby and Sheila from the Towpath Turtles and we got in 6 miles together. After the run we headed back to the feet fleet store for coffee and to make as many words with the letters in the words we picked from the shoebox.

Got back home, did 20 mins stability abs workout with Cathe and then 10 mins recovery yoga with fitness 360, all in all a great week.


Andrew Opala said...

awesome views ... interesting looking up hill runs on those two south legs of the triad ... and sounds like a fun treasure hunt

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