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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dangers of Running

As runners we face many dangers, cars, bikes, dogs, deers, bears, snakes, mountain lions and you can throw in mother's nature sense of humor with snow, rain, wind, heat humidity.... and according to my non running friends that is why they don't run too many cons that pros.

Today was the runner's encounter with man's best friend the dog, in my development just about every third house have a dog, I have come to understand most their personality and we have a mutual respect of each other except for this one pure white Siberian husky, there is something about runners that this dog hates and I always do my best to avoid him so to keep peace. Today, as I turn into his cul-de-sac, I miss seeing him outside, mind you he has never been outside before, inside the house, back of the house which is fenced in or being walked, by the time I saw him he was already at alert and I did consider turning around but knew that wasn't going to work. I made the assumption that since he was outside alone there must be invincible fencing and I was fine, well did I assume wrong, I cross the street so I was not directly in front of his house and he moved back over to the garage and I kept him in my sight, making sure I was fine, mind you he was now barking madly and I was wondering where the stupid owners were. Before I knew what was happening the dog starting running at full speed towards me, I was telling myself he should stop now, invincible fence should be right there, well he wasn't stopping and he was right behind me chasing. I stopped and  scream for the owners to come get him, he also stopped, growling and barking, no he didn't want to play because his tail wasn't wagging, he was mad. When the owners finally came out, they called and he won't come, we stood there, me scream, him growling and barking, the owners calling and whistling. The wife finally had to come across the street to grab him since the husband was holding the other big dog down, mind you the third dog a small purgy thing, came running out to have fun too. Of cause through out this incident the stupid man is telling me, he is harmless just wants to go for a run with you. I really need to brush up on what to do when approach by a mad dog, I knew what to do with this dog just because I knew the dog. Another thing when I go running in my neighborhood I do  not wear my roadID or have any form of identification on me thinking I am just around the corner  from home and should be fine, I think that is a big mistake and from now on will make sure I always have a form of ID on me when ever I am running.

The dog chase happened at mile 1, I did 3 more miles and called it a day, it was very cold but the sun was shinning so can't complain. Got back home, did 10 mins abs workout and then I did the standing poses with Jason Crandall from the 21 days yoga challenge.

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