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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Group Run

I went out today with the North East Running training Group, I always have miss feeling about group runs, since I am not very fast will there be someone to run with, it is kind of hard to drive 40 mins only to end up running by myself. Well, I did most of this run by myself, had a couple of problems it started snowing when we started running and since I had a beanie on and not a cap, the snow was building up on my glasses which means I couldn't see(no wiper on glasses to remove snow) and with everything I had on being wicking I couldn't even clean my glasses. I was running behind a group until about mile 3, when I noticed a restroom, but someone was in it so waited for about 3 mins for her to get out so I could get some toilet paper to use in wiping my glasses, which means now the group was completely gone and I was definitely on my own, I know it was an out and back, I just have to get to 5 miles and turn around. I was concern about the last 2 miles since that was in a residential area and I wasn't sure where to turn but once of the runners came back to bring me back since he knew I was new and didn't know the area.

The run back was miserable, since now not only was it snowing it was also windy, I ended up taken my glasses off since I could see a thing, at least with them off I could see right in front of me. the neighborhood roads weren't plowed so it was like running through mud I was just ready to be done. I did enjoy meeting the group but not sure if it was worth the 1 hour 20 mins trip to run by myself.

We do take a lot of things for granted by running through the neighborhood in Concord today with so much snow on the roads, I realize how lucky I am that the Solon City Snow crew takes cleaning the side streets as important as the main street.

Got in 10.1 miles in Concord, OH


10mmins on the spin bike to warm up

Exercises in the Shoulder workout
  • Pike Push-up-n 15/15/15
  • Band Front and Lateral raise Combo-using Reebok light band 12/12/12
  • Band Reverse Fly's - Reebok light band 15/15/15

5 mins on the Stepper

Exercises in the Leg  workout-using 15# dumbell
  • Forward Lunge-10/10/10/10
  • Side Lunge-10/10/10/10
  • Back Lunge-10/10/10/10
  • Seated Calf Raises-30/30/30/30
  • Standing Calf Raises30/30/30/30

Sun Salutation A - 6 rounds

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Andrew Opala said...

Great that you got the run in, and I bet it built your character a bit.