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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Itread 5

Awesome run on the treadmill today, I know most people don't like running on the treadmill, but since I wake up at 4:30am (although may not start working out until 5:30am) there is no way I am going out that early without a partner or dog which I have neither. In the winter the safety issue also gets factor in with the crazy drivers, on weekends when I can delay my run till about 8 or 9am going out is not an issue. Training for my first 50k was all done on a treadmill never even got on a trail once and finished with no issue could have been faster but had no recovery issue. So yes I love my treadmill.

For today's run, I used Itread 5 Indoor Marathon Training, it really is a fun way to challenge myself and I probably do more that when I just run especially with hill climb. Perfect workout to get the blood pumping, even thou she says this is a 2 phase workout, I'll probably call it 4, phase 1 - warmup to base, phase 2 - hill training, phase 3 - sprints and phase 4 - base to recovery. Definitely an A+ workout perfect to challenge you but not to kill ya, she does give you a walking, jogging and running pace range. Got in 7 miles before I had to call it a day had to get on the road for work early due to the snowy conditions, took 2 hours to get to work today there is nothing like going 25mph on a 65mph zone

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