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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Itri - Running + Xtraining

Using the iTri series from itrain is really a great way to get in a short run and cross training, since I only have 4 miles on schedule today, I decided to do iTri 8 which is one of my favorite since I love anything with Keith. You start out with 15 mins on the treadmill warmup and hills, kind of amazing how she snuck in a 4% hill while I was running at my marathon pace, look mum no hands was able to keep running without holding on to the treadmill , then off the treadmill for more climbing on the elliptical for 13 mins (1 added 4 extra mins to make 17 mins) then unto the spin bike for 20 mins of more hard climb and sprint just about the time I was getting ready to die on the bike it's back to the treadmill for 23 mins of sprints and recovery. This is really a great workout and I love the banter between Grace and Keith, just when you though you couldn't do any more that section is over and on to something else. Finish off the workout with 15 mins of Fit stick Upper Body Blast, had this workout for a while bought at target at clearance, great workout, really hit every UB muscle in a short period.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

You are really working everything, so amazing to me. I do cycling for crosstraining but nothing else. Way to mix it up!

Tricia said...

great job!