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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Windy Run

Since I did my 20 miler last week, I decided to do a fun long run today the intention was to do 2 miles warmup at recovery pace , 3x5k at 5k-10k pace, 2 miles recovery to finish. Well things didn't quite workout as planned, the first problem was my running skirt I have the snow bella princess skirt in a size 2 based on the suggested sizing but once I started running the skirt started falling down and I had to keep pulling it up and by .2 miles I gave up and went back home. Back home put a slit in front of the skirt and put a shoelace my son took off my running shoe when replacing it with the yankz shoelace through it, and use it as a draw string, it worked out fine and I went back out. Not sure if I need a smaller size or what, it fitted fine wearing around but once I start running, pulling my core in and with no "junk in the truck" it didn't stay up. Ate half a Harvest Grain Powerbar.

Back outside, the temperature was pretty cold almost 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, I started out faster than expected

2 miles 9:47 pace definitely not recovery or base,  max target was 9:54

Reset the Garmin and started the first of the 5k, targeting 5k pace, it didn't quite workout as planned

5k = 8:53 average pace was targeting 8:22

The plan was to run back the house for fuel and water, since I was running in my development, the wind has picked up and on one side of the development it was raining slightly which made me cold.

2 miles = 10:42

Got back home ate half a hammer gel and drank lots of water. Decided while inside that I didn't feel like running anymore 5k because the wind had picked up and it was a pain running. I was either being pushed back and when I change direction instead of the wind being at my back it was pushing me sideways. I decided to run on the walking path since it is has multiple hills in preparation for the hills of Akron. It was slow, it was painful and after 6 miles I was done since I wasn't getting very far and seem to be wasting lots of energy.

6 miles = 11:17 pace, not bad for a hilly route and was able to keep running every time I came out of the path either uphill or down hill.

Son #1 bought me a new mp3 player  since I was complaining about having to constantly reload music into my 1gb and the rechargeable battery not lasting, he was even kind enough to load some of his music on it for me to try out. Sansa fuze 8gb took it out for a test run this morning worked great, he doesn't get why I run but he supports and acknowledge.

Wore the Newton shoe and it worked out better for this run than previous runs.

Need to figure out y training program for the 30k in December.

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