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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I haven't done an itrain workout in forever just because it requires me taking my laptop with me to the basement, set up and making sure I can hear the sound properly but with the new mp3 player from my son (Sansa Fuze 8gb) I loaded up all my workout out mp3 unto the player and headed off to the basement. I decided to hang with Keith doing IClimb Core set 17, it has always been one of my favorite IClimb love the leg workout using the med ball and then the ab workout using the stability ball. I was able to use the leg work for my legs love lunges challenge sine this was what the workout was mainly all about and then did the core workout instead of the Hard Core Challenge routine just for a change in program. Perfect workout before church.

On another note Trish over at Options for Life is hosting a September Challenge, Challenge goal as taken from Trish's Blog

Now I am issuing my own challenge to you and myself.  In order to hit 1000 miles by the end of the year, I have to step it up a bit.  So, my personal challenge is 100 miles in September.  

You however, can choose your distance challenge!  Take what you did last month and bump it up!

 I haven't decided on my goal yet since I am in the final weeks of Marathon training and avoiding injury is really the key right now so I have to carefully think about my goal, don't even know what my total goal on my training plan is maybe start from there.

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