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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 22 - Last training week review

Monday- Labor Day, beautiful weather, didn't run, some how with a schedule or plan I kept putting my run off and I did not feel like running on the treadmill since I had outdoor running on my mind all day but I did clean out my closet, sorted through my running stuff, got rid of old oversize ones and had them nicely arrange by type, but not running or workout.

Tuesday - Feel run down and tired so no running took the day off. This was not a very good sign I was suppose to be getting the last week of training in but I feel so tired. No workout another rest day, I really needed to listen to my body. All the reason became clear by night time with a visit from Aunt Flo.

Wednesday - Feeling much better, mixed intervals ended up with 7 miles @ 9:37 pace then did Barry's Bootcamp Original Arms and Abs and tack some some extra hardcore abs.

Thursday - 10 miles outdoors 10:27 pace, feeling great, Barry's Bootcamp Shoulder and Back and some lunges.

Friday - 6 miles 10:09 pace, quick one before work, running late.

Saturday - 3.28 miles walking with 2 of my friends who are cancer survivors at the race for the cure, it was really hard walking a 5k, but it really was worth it seeing them accomplish their goal of walking a 5k.

Sunday - 8 miles before church 10:24 pace.

So even though the week started out shaking it ended on a happier/better note

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