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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 23 - Taper Week

This is week 23 of a 24 weeks training program for the Akron Marathon on 9/25, I am quite amaze I was able to stick about 95% to the program and when I stray it is changing the program type not the mileage. Am I ready, not sure, I really don't think I got my speed back as I was expecting, I didn't run as much practice races like I would have liked but I know I can finish since this was more training than I got in for my first, got the final instruction email from the race director yesterday, so ready or not we will all the toeing the blue line very soon.

Even though this is taper week, I was surprise at how many more miles I still have to run, didn't feel much like a taper to me, I have used a HM version of this training program to break 2 hours and feel great so I know I trust the program and the knowledge behind it.

Monday - 7 miles 9:53 pace (base pace run, I decided to run at the top of my base not the bottom, live a little.

Tuesday - 6 miles 9:45 pace (mixed intervals), then some band core and upper body work using the concept of TRX.

For my September Challenge with Option for Life, I decided to run 150 miles for the month, I know it is doable, but it will require me getting some short miles in after the marathon which is why I picked it . Currently at 73.73 miles which is about 76 miles to go which I think is doable.

Also since I am running a marathon this year, I order the official 2500 marathon anniversary medal and it came in the mail. Had no problem with the order.

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Andrew Opala said...

You are ready! Good luck on race day - that's a race day for me too!