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Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Review

August was training week 17-20 which was the peak month, so I had a 16 miler, 18 miler and added on a 20 miler instead of doing an half marathon race. I had one race the Kathleen Nietert Run For Hope 7.5miles, did my first virtual race Mama Goes Master Virtual Race 8.25 miles and also my first fundraiser race Robie Romp 6.7 miles. So for my 3 years running history, August is my highest month at 165.01, with also my highest week of 42 miles the week of the 16th.

Even with an increased mileage of 165, my legs feel fine, stopped off at the Chiro Dr. 3x for adjustment,  use Hammer Nutrition Recoverite after every workout and did a ice bath. Am not back speed wise to where I was last year but I'll take it over being in constant pain and I know I will get back there eventually.

Initial I had no mileage goal for this year since I was off running for most of the first 4 months due to injury and the death of my Dad, but right now I am going back to my 1000 miles goal since I still haven't hit it yet but at least getting closer. For the first 4 month of 2010, I only ran 89.9 miles, which means in the last 4 months I ran 461.05 miles, bringing the total for the year to 550.85 so I have 4 months left to run 450 miles to finish at 1000 miles for the year.

Lets break this down, to run 450 miles in 4 months, I need to run at least 113 miles a month which means about 28.25 miles per week since I only run 4 days a week, I need about 7 miles each run. I think that is doable, I should still be higher this month since the marathon isn't till the 25th and am planing a 30k in December.

Got a bloggy award from runjodirun that was a nice surprise. Thank you

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Trish said...

I'm close to where you are too. Injuries slowed down my 1000 mile goal and at the end of August I had 479 miles to go. However, my base is much smaller now. Last week was only 19 miles. So I really have to focus on 10% increase every week, with every 4th a recovery week.

Good luck! We'll both make it!