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Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 20 - Recovery Week

Sunday - Woke up a little stiff, so spend some time with Chaz from Yogamazing during Yoga for Runners which was perfect in hitting every sore muscle. I love the fact that Chaz never assume I am a pretzel so he gives a very detail sequence of how to get in each pose and he has a yoga for everything, if he doesn't send him an email and he will get it out for you, free on itune.

Today - Getting my baby ready for back to school tomorrow, well he is going to be a sophomore but he is still my baby, paid fees, bought books, got hair cut and pack bag pack. Before the fun began, I was able to get the scheduled 6 miles in. Some soreness in my right knee, which loosen up as the run went on, I was able to add on 3 steep hill loop and still finish the last mile as my fastest. 6 miles average pace 10:11, my base pace is 10:51 - 9:54, am glad that after an 18 mile run and still able to stay towards the top with heart rate mainly in zone 3.

I did schedule an adjustment with the Chiro Dr. for adjustment on my legs

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