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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama Goes Masters Vitual Race - 8.25 miles

In honor of MCM Mama turning 40 today, I did 8.25 miles which is the month and day she was born, other choices were 4 miles and 40k for the age. 1st virtual race.

Since this is recovery week and I was suppose to do a mixed interval yesterday which I move to today, so I can properly honor the day, I decided to do Cardio Coach Press Play using my treadmill, Lord knows I did not want to do more than 8.25 miles. A lot of people always complain about not liking to use the treadmill but all they really need to do is give Coach Sean a try, great outdoor too.

The first time I did CC Press Play Choose Living was in 1/07, as part of a world wide group in honor of Jim MacLaren, please click over to Jim's site and read about his story

"You can change your reality in one second, simply by making a choice." -- Jim MacLaren

I started this race later than I wanted to because I had a lingering headache yesterday and ended up taking some Tylenol PM which left me kind of groggy this morning so slept an extra hour before workout. Drank a bit of Powerade Zero and hook up my laptop to the speaker but it wasn't working so ended up using just the laptop speakers which wasn't really loud enough, love hearing Coach Sean's voice echo through out the room.

I do all my runs on the treadmill at 1% incline

Warmup: 5.4 -5.6mph  (5:18 mins) Recovery pace to base pace
Steady State 1 : 6.0mph (3.04 mins) base pace
Challenge 1: 10 level 3 effort high intensity workout with 30 sec rest alternating between level 3 hill and level 3 sprint
level 3 hill: 6mph @ 3% incline  base pace
level 3 Spirint: 8mph @ 1% incline 1 mile pace   (15:16)

"Don't wait for the opportunity, create your own", 

Rest/Steady State 2 /Challenge 2: 2x3mins hill climb but I chang this to speed run/1 min rest
Min 1: 6.6mph (Half Marathon Pace)
Min 2: 7.0 mph (10K pace)
Min 3: 8.0mph (1 miler pace) rest 1 min repeat.  (10:06)

Steady State 3: 6 mph base pace (2:49)

Challenge 3: 3x1 min sprint with 1 min rest   8mph (1 miler pace)  (5:43)

You are free to make a choice of creating and enforcing the limitations of your life, and limiting the possibilities that exist. With this same freedom, you have the choice to realize a never-ending potential. Coach Sean.

Steady State 4: 6.4 mph Marathon pace (3:19)

Challenge 4: 4x3 hill climb change this to speed work / 1 min recovery 8mph (1 miler pace) 7:49

Steady State 5:  6.0 - 6.4mph base to marathon pace (4:33)

... This is where it counts. You gotta move here. Lets go. Chase? Or be chased?

Challenge 5: 4 mins level 3 effort - 7.5mph - 3k pace (5:11)

Instead of going to the cool down I stopped the workout and kept on running at 6.6mph to get to the required 8.25 miles.

  girl at a high school basketball game in rural Pennsylvania wearing a T-shirt that said: "What would Jim MacLaren do?" The answer is obvious. "He'd choose to live life to the fullest, without excuses, without regret."  So MCM Mama live life to the fullest, enjoying every step with no regrets, HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishing you the very best life has got to offer.

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