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Thursday, August 5, 2010

We occasionally underestimate a recovery week and I know people that will not take a recovery even when their schedule calls for it, they have a problem not logging the miles. Currently in week 17 of my marathon training program, am using Matt Fitzgerald Brain Training for Runners Level 1 program only running 4 days a week, I really love the structure of the program and like that every 4th week I get a break, funny enough it is not that much of a break but my brain likes the fact that it is called a break. I always come back strong the first week and just when I am beginning to get sick of it by the 3rd week rotation it is time for a break and then we do it all over again. I think the recovery week has been great in keeping me focus and able to handle the increased mileage weekly.

Woke up earlier than expected today but was fine just tired, got up ate my usual slice of bread with almond butter, then went to the basement to tackle today's workout
Dynamic Flexibility
1 mile @ recovery pace 5.4mph
5 miles @ HM pace 6.6mph
1 mile @ recovery pace 5.4mph
I had no problem keeping up with this workout and actually wanted to go faster but decided to stay with the program since I know I still have more to go, went over to the next room then did Chalean Push 2 and then some stabilization stretches on my own.

I got my order from Gone for a run today, it came fast, well packaged and everything was as promised, highly recommend them. Love the feel/fit of the mantra tee, my mantra is pain is for the moment.... 26.2 is forever.

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