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Monday, August 9, 2010

It really was a very long weekend but very productive, I was able to move my long run to Friday morning before my 12:25pm flight, the intention was to do 8 miles early on the treadmill and then move the next 8 outside after we get some daylight. i think I have mention this before, the deers are really the main problem with running in the dark since I can't see them and they dart across so fast which means they can do me some serious damage. When I was ready to move the run outside it started raining which means my pace will be slower to avoid falling so I just kept it on the treadmill since I was pressed for time, it probably wasn't one of my brilliant move to get off the treadmill do a quick stretch, hit the shower, get to the airport, sit 2 hours to St Paul MN, then drive 1 and a half hour to Star Prairie WI, walk around for an hour plus get back in car, get lost no GPS signal, 4 hours later finally get to Weston WI, have dinner and get to bed.

Saturday, got up at 5am, got ready have breakfast then drove 2 hours to Fifield WI, it was a beautiful drive, was there till 2pm attending a seminar, left and drove back 4 hours to St Paul, check into the hotel by the airport, then decided to make a trip to the Mall of America since I was close by, I didn't see much of the mall once I found the wonderful cheap Chinese massage place on the 3rd floor, this was probably one of the best massage I ever had, once the lady started she asked right away if I worked out because my skin is very tight and nice with lots of knots it was heaven once she really start to dig, my shoulders were the worse between the driving, lifting and running they haven't been happy lately. When she was done it was incredible, nothing ache and I felt great. If you are ever in the area or live in the area, forget the shopping just get the massage, worth every single penny. Rest Day

Sunday, woke up 5am  for a 7:25am flight, even though we were only 5 mins away, we knew navigating the Minneapolis airport was going to be an adventure and it sure was from returning the rental car to getting on a plane but made it and got home in time to get to church. After church I was beat, and napped for 2 hours. Rest Day

Monday 8 miles base pace, I can't believe I am running 8 miles before work, I remember at the beginning of the training program moaning about doing an 8 miles long run. I got the run done then did Chalean Extreme Burn 1. I know I will have a killer body with all this workout if I can just control what I eat, not junk just excess.

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Molly said...

isn't it funny how what used to be a long run is now the norm? Great job fitting it all in!