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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cross training today, decided to do the stepper because for some reason it is the easier of my cross training machine, I got on and did 20 mins, changing leg position so as to work different leg muscles especially hitting the calves. After the stepper put in Chalean Push 3, this workout kills every time, it just require so much mental concentration to lift so slow.

With the training runs getting longer now, housekeeping has taken a back sit and with the men in my house not moving  a muscle since it doesn't bother them, I have come up with trying to clean a little after work before bed, so today is cleaning the baseboards, started the hardwood floor on Sunday and finally finished them yesterday. 

Since I will be out of town this weekend in Fifield, WI, attending an aquaculture conference, I am moving my long run to Friday before my flight, 16 miles on tap, so I need to get up early enough to run it and get to the airport by 11am, airport is about an hour away, no check in baggage and I will do online boarding pass. The biggest question is what to do to minimize cramping on the flight, lucky it is only a 2 hour flight, but then I drive an hour to Star Prairie for a quick tour of a trout farm before heading to the hotel which is 3 hours away and Saturday is another 2 hours drive to Fifield and then drive 4 hours back to an hotel in St. Paul for a 7am flight on Sunday. What to do? I do not want to move the run to Sunday because I know I won't do it out of guilt since I was gone all weekend and I will be on minimal sleep and fatigue from all the driving. Any advise will be appreciated.

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