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Friday, July 23, 2010

"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone."
Percy Cerutty

 Yesterday was a rest day since we drove back from Virginia and I know my legs are not up to running hard and then sitting in a car for 8 hours which actually ended up being 9.5hours due to heavy traffic in the Washington area. Even without the run my legs were not very happy.

Woke up today and decided to tackle the 4.5 miles tempo run, my head was willing, my legs felt fine but something was missing. I always go through an emotional roller coaster after being on vacation, even though I have no problem working out while on vacation. Past experience tells me I need to stay on schedule, if not so I am out for about a week or 2 so I decided to stay on track even if that means walking the total 6.5 miles.

So I started out with my 1 mile recovery run but that wasn't happening, so I switch to hill work since I am on my treadmill, after the warmup got off the treadmill and did the dynamic flexibility, then promise myself 0.5 miles @ 10k pace then a rest, then 1 mile but felt fine so did 1.5 miles then rest then went for 2 miles but got it up to 2.5 miles @ 10k pace and I was done. I know I didn't do the straight 4.5miles but I considered it just like  a race walking trough the water stops. I finish up the run with 1 mile @ low base pace instead of recovery pace since I was feeling great.

I am having pain on my right side not sure the cause, so I will have to monitor it for the next couple of days. Nice long run tomorrow.

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