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Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 14

Took yesterday as a rest day, just felt run down and tired, was even dozing at church, came back home avfter church and took an hour nap before I was woken up by work. Since I spent all weekend dealing with work issue, I went in late today and was able to get 7 miles base run in under cool conditions outdoors.

I pushed the pace a little bit today trying to see if/how my body will respond, the weather was cool but still humid and it took a while for me to catch my breath and control my breathing.

Mile 1 10:22     157bpm
mile 2   10:23    149bpm
mile 3   10:26    151bpm
mile 4  10:40     153bpm
mile 5   10:17    146bpm
mile 6   10:18    151bpm
mile 7   10:06    155bpm

7 miles average pace 10:22 , 151bpm

I finished off doing 5-10/10secs for the fun of it, came back in and did some glutes and upper body workout for 20mins from exercise TV. the run felt great and you can see that the pacing is much better than Saturday's run.

I placed an order with Hammer Nutrition for some Recoverite and some gels, just feel like I need something more during training. Even thou I have ran 1 marathon and 2-50k, I never really trained properly for them, the longest for the marathon was 14miles + the 50k and the longest for the 50k was one 4 hour run. I really am trying to do things right this time around and be injury free.

Still working on dropping the 10 pounds just seem to be hungry all the time, so trying to at least make wise food choices.

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