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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 14 Review

One more week down, and it was a good one, still hot but life goes on.

Plan:7 miles base pace (10:51 - 9:54)
Actual: 7 miles, 10:22 avg pace
Added some striders at the end, got back home and did some glutes and upper body work from exercise TV

Dynamic Flexibility -10 mins -done
1 mile warmup @ recovery pace 11:00 - done
Plan 4x 1k @ 5k with 3 mins
Actual 4 x 1k @ 8:17 pace with 3 mins @ 11:00
1 mile cool down @ recovery pace  11:00
Ended up with 5.64 miles average pace of 10:20

In the evening after work, did Steve Cotter Extreme KB Upper Body and Abs with my oldest son.

Plan: Cross Training
Actual: 1 hour on the Stepper then did Womens Health Bootcamp wk 3, the Turkish getup were hard.

Dynamic Flexibility -done
1 mile warmup @ recovery pace-10:52
4 miles @8:36 pace
1 mile cool down @ recovery pace 10:52
6 miles 9:27 pace

After work I met up with Julie, she was kind enough to met up with me to give me the marathon bars I won on her site during her 1 year blog anniversary giveaway.  We had an interesting discussion about following a training plan, this all started when I asked what her next race was, she had a 5k schedule for this weekend. She loosely follow a training plan, but keep it flexibility to be able to race as needed, which was what I use to do about 2 years ago but my biggest problem was I love to race so probably raced more than I have properly trained for, I also wasn't getting any faster because I did all my runs at the same pace and didn't really challenge myself but ended up with overuse injury which I am still dealing it. Julie has a wonderful blog where she talks about her training and her adventure into multi sport, she is also sponsor by Marathon Bar.

After leaving Julie, I went over to meet my Chiro Dr. for some adjustment, I love talking to him because he is a triathlete, even though he is fast, I know he train hard for it so I always enjoy hearing about his training plan and past race result, funny enough I had the same conversation with him like I just did with Julie, he is working on breaking 4 hours on the marathon during his Ironman race later this year. He just did an half Ironman, to test out if his current training plan is working and he did the HM in less than 2 hours. He is following a training plan to make sure he stayed focus on his A race and only did specific races to gauge his progress and test out race day strategic.

In the evening, did Steve Cotter Extreme Kettlebell 10minsCardio and 2 rounds of the Lower body workout with my son.

Got my first order from Hammer Nutrition, ordered on Sunday, got it on Thursday with lots of freebie.

Took an unplanned rest day due to be being busy and planning for a getaway trip

My intention was to wake up early, do my scheduled long run before we head out the door for Virginia, but I must have been so tired that I didn't getup until my husband woke me up saying it was getting late. We got to Virginia around 5pm due to multi accident on I95, I then decide I will cross train and switch long run to Sunday but I was so tired and also decided to spend the day with my family.

Woke up at 7am, ate a slice of health nut bread with peanut butter, made my cafe latte perpetum (love the flavor) and headed out through the streets of Williamsburg, Va, it was already hot and very humid. I found the 6 mile asphalt trail that goes around the Ford's Colony Golf course, there are actually 3 asphalt trails around the golf course/resort, 6, 4 and 3 miles they intertwine somehow and quite hilly. I did the 6 mile loop twice and part of the 3 mile loop for my scheduled 14 mile run, since the loop passes the front of my room, I came back in  twice to refill there was no water on the route or gas station or store and it was too hot. My first time in I also ate a tropical flavor hammer gel. Had no problem with the perpetum or gel, not as fast a pace as I wanted but based on the 3 H - heat, humidity and hills it turned out to be a very hard run. Average pace = 10:55.  Ended the week with 32.83 miles.

Since I moved the long run to Sunday, and I know we are traveling back Thursday, I have to try to keep all my other runs on their scheduled day which means I am going to have to do the 7 mile BP tomorrow, 1k repeat on Tuesday, and the Tempo run on thursday before we leave or I can move that to Friday since I will be home then I will be running my long run on tired legs since this is 4.5miles at 10k pace.

I forgot my marathon stick, so no way to roll out the aches and pain, doing the best I can with some golf balls, we'll see how I feel tomorrow, did do a cold water soak after the run.

Still need to loose 10 pound  but not really doing much about it.

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