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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today's long run was much better than the previous 2 weeks, even thou I did the tempo run yesterday and my legs were tired I was able to run a bit better although still not great. I can probably attribute the low pace to the heat and humidity, I left the house later than expected, actually I went to the bank with my husband then I went running from there going thru the ABC streets by the high school then to Giant Eagle to buy water and I took a Cliff Shot Mocha (really love this flavor). After the water/bathroom break, ran down RT 91 to Pettibone, back and forth on the liberty path then back on to Pettibone heading home. The schedule called for running the last mile at HM pace but I was too hot and dehydrated by the time it came to run it so all I could manage was faster than last couple of miles better than nothing I guess. I came home and downed a very cold partially frozen  Powerade Zero Stawberry tasted so good.

mile 1  10:32      145bpm
mile 2   10:24     152bpm
mile 3   10:30     154bpm
mile 4    10:27    156bpm
mile 5   10:27     159bpm
mile 6    11:06    149bpm
mile 7    10:50    158bpm
mile 8    10:58     158bpm
mile 9    10:39      161bpm
mile 10  10:58      160bpm
mile 11   10:57     160bpm
mile 12   10:36      161bpm

Average pace 10:42   Average bpm = 156bpm, average pace for the previous long run were over 11 so I am quite happy with this, hopefully I can continue to build strength to my legs. I really hope I can start running at the lower end of by base pace (9:54) by the end of this month for my long run.

This my highest training week this year and I know things are going to start getting longer so I need to make sure I am getting lots of sleep and drinking lots of water.

After I was cleaned up and gotten something, headed off to 2 graduation party where I did quite a bit of dancing, legs felt great.

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