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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 13 - Build 2 Phase

Start of Build 2 phase

Training objective: Continue to build endurance; increase fatigue resistance at 5k pace and 10k pace; build efficiency at HM and marathon pace

Woke up early this morning but was groggy and tired so went back to sleep and moved the workout to after work. Didn't leave work as early as I would have liked so didn't start the workout until about 8:30pm which was after dinner and rest.

I decided to use the advanced workout feature in my garmin, so input today's workout into the training software and then downloaded to my garmin

1 mile @ recovery pace (12:12 - 10:52)
3x1k @ 5k pace (8:17) with 3 mins rest
1 mile @ recovery pace (12:12 - 10:52)

Actual workout
 1 mile @ 11:46
1k @ 8:36
1k @ 8:52
1k @ 8:32
1 mile @ 11:19

When I ran I had it in my head for some reason that my 5k pace was 8:36 and not 8:17, it was very interesting to see that my body listen to my head not the garmin since it stay around where my head said it should be, oh well my legs felt fine even though it was still very hot and humid.

Got back and did Barry's bootcamp Mission Specialist Lower Body Advanced and a thorough stretch on my own. Did Dynamic flexibility before the run.

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