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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Planted an apple tree 5 years ago and today I got my first apple and there are 2 more on it not ready, good thing I am not in this for the money, but the apple tasted very good crispy and tart, I looked for the nae tag and all it said was the usual Lowes description "apples assorted"

I had some brake issues with my Johnny G spin bike, this is the original one, but finally found a company online that had some parts that was usable but not perfect, so for the first time this year I got to spend an hour with Coach Troy and boy was that a blast. I did UltraConditioning 1.0 - Ultra Leg-Strength Builder, the slow squats are such a killer and as usual by the end I was soaked and my legs were toast but it felt great spinning again.

After wards added on ChaLean Extreme Lean 2, am doing this workout in a modified order based on body parts targeted this was put together by DebbieS at Really sore in my triceps from yesterday's workout.

Lots of giveaway taking place on different blogs, will try to post on my sidebar as I find them, I guess I need to be a more active blogger in the bloggy world.

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Molly said...

that's so cool that your tree grew fruit! Thanks so much for linking my giveaway!