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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have been amazed at how much my body is recovering during this recovery week, last week was a very hard week and even thou the training schedule is still relatively hard the fact that I know I have done harder pace and distance makes it easy. In my prior training plans, I never truly understood the importance of recovery week and I think that may have led to some of my injuries, so hopefully am older and wiser.

Today's workout was 1 mile @ recovery base 3.5 miles at 10k pace 1 mile @ recovery pace, I had no problem doing the 3.5 miles and was able to stay on pace without stopping even thou I kept on telling myself I should stop but nothing hurt so I went a little further and before I knew it I was done and was actually able to run the last mile at base pace before slowing down to recovery pace. I started off with Matt Fitzgerald's Dynamic Flexibility and ended up with Chalene's Ab Burner. All in all a good workout. I am still training my brain that it is okay to go fast, I really can do this and we will be fine.

I haven't lost any weight this week but noticed that for the first time my weight has actually stayed the same all week, no hi-lo like it normally does, I guess that is a good thing. Judging from my clothes, I know I am loosing since I had on a baby tee on today and when I wore this 2 weeks ago, I had to take it off since I had too many rolls busting lose but this time it was a beautiful fit.

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